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Conference Centre in Oranmore Galway

Five top tips for giving excellent presentations

1.  Stick to three or four main points. You may run the risk of overwhelming your audience if you have too much information to share. Begin your presentation by setting the expectations and sharing the main points you plan on focussing on. Go through these throughout the presentation and reiterate them at the end. The audience may not remember everything you’ve said but if you remind them of these take away learnings at the end, they will be more likely to be able to recall the important information.

2. Involve your audience! People have shorter attention spans than you’d expect. The best way to counteract this is to keep them involved and interacting with your content. Use them to illustrate your points, ask them questions, invite them to share personal experiences related to your teachings. This is going to keep them engaged and, most importantly, interested in your presentation.

3. Be conversational. Formal lectures are proven to be ineffective in helping your audience learn and retain information. Keep the tone light and conversational, varying your tone and register throughout will keep your audience engaged in the content. Have a look at videos online of great orators and listen to how their speech varies. This will give your presentation a more natural flow and your audience will relate easily to you and the content.

4. Share personal experiences. Anecdotal evidence is very effective in convincing audiences and are generally more memorable than vague examples. Share some memories and experiences that have happened to you or a colleague and create learnings around these. Your audience will take this as much more convincing evidence than an example taken from a textbook.

5. Be resourceful! With so much video and imagery content online, be sure to utilise different slide types featuring memorable images or appropriate videos illustrating your content. Try not to lean to heavily on bullet points and text based slides. There are no rules against taking props with you either! Bring some things along that relate to your subject matter and hold demonstrations.  This is sure to be more engaging to your audience than sitting quietly through an hour long lecture!

With 6 small to medium sized conference rooms, we have the perfect venue for your next meeting. We cater for groups of two up to one hundred and two! Just give us a call and we can arrange everything to make sure your next meeting is a success.